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We create activities in the nature based on our lifestyle where we value nature, health & sustainability




We are a family business. We live a simple life surrounded by nature in the northern part of Sweden. Where the northern light meets the midnight sun, the river meets the ocean – the country with four seasons. We would love to share this with you!

When a feeling turns into an idea. That’s when the creativity flows, and suddenly you are able to create something beautiful that other people can enjoy- that makes us happy!

Summertime we have Active North Camp where we rent out cabins, tent and a place for your mobile house and Arctic Summer Yoga. We have guests from the whole world, with various travel reasons. At Active North Camp you can meet a photographer, a fly fisher or a yoga guru. People and companies from around the world with one thing in common: love for nature.

Winter time we have outdoors activities for you and your company, like Arctic Winter Yoga. We do consulting services for big or small companies.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Welcome to our home!

2 thoughts on “About us

  • Hi There
    I am travelling from Australia to Europe in Sept and looking for a retreat to do from 21st Sept 2017. I am after yoga and nature walks and interesting scenery and culture. I will be travelling alone.
    Do you offer retreat style experiences for solo travellers, as well as accomodation?

    • Hello Sarah!

      We do have an Autumn program but its not ready with all the dates, but can we keep contact at the email! I’m sure I we can pack an arctic yoga experience for you! :)

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