Summer 2017

Arctic Summer Yoga

– In the air of Swedish Lapland


Unite body and mind with the serenity of nature

Experience the arctic summer with the colorful nature, and the midnight sun or why not the crystal-clear sky? Arctic Summer Yoga, on our early or late summer is a yoga class outside in the nature. The relationship between body and mind with the movements of nature is the focus of your well-being. Followed by a wood fired sauna and time for personal reflection compete with traditional Swedish fika. Your moment in time for yoga and meditation in the open Arctic air of Swedish Lapland.


Spa Rebecca

Nature Spa

A wood-fired sauna for maximum relaxation. Nurture your outer body and relax your inner mind. Sauna has unexpected health effects; it increases blood circulation and affects the body’s hormones, but above all a sauna has a wonderful relaxing effect.



Presence and life-energy with Yoga in the wilds of nature

Master your mind and find your inner self. With meditation as your tool, we can teach you to unwind and find an inner peace.


Arctic Summer Yoga Date and Time:

  • Midnight Sun Yoga From 3/6 to 3/7 2017
  • Summer Yoga From 7/7 to 26/8 2017
  • Autumn Yoga 1/9-1/10 2017

What time would you like to do your yoga class on?

  • Morning: 8.00-11.00
  • Afternoon 13-16.00
  • Evening time: 19-22.00

Please tell us your chosen time and remember to book at least five days in advance to guarantee your experience.


  • Yoga class in Arctic summer conditions, morning time or evening time
  • Natures Spa, wood fired sauna
  • Swedish home-made fika
  • Yoga mat

Not included: Travel to and from Selet


Please tell us at the time of booking if you have any allergies or require transfer. If you need a place to stay let us know and you can stay at Active North Camp.




For more information about Arctic YOGA contact us at: info@activenorth.se or call us at 0046-705677092



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